Windlogix Launches as Global Renewables Services Group- Featuring in the Latest Edition of Energy Focus

By Published On: June 27, 20221 min read

JUNE 28, 2022. Glasgow, Scotland.

Windlogix feature in the latest edition of Energy Focus, here’s what Euan Lockhart had to say…

Windlogix is aiming to create a vibrant culture that is centred around learning and providing unparalleled customer service. ‘With Windlogix, it’s very much about ownership, teamwork, honesty, and growth- we’ve been very clear about our core values, “says Lockhart. “This is a sector that is going to grow hugely over the next 10-15 years, so we need to have a very clear purpose which is growing through renewable technology, and reaching out to the next generation that we are a cool place to work. Our strap line is that ‘we do cool things in extreme places’- we work from well inside the artic circle down to south Africa supporting a sustainable energy infrastructure.

Euan Lockhart is excited bout the future and reiterates that further growth through acquisition will be deliberate, to add capability to the platform, while working with people who want to get into this burgeoning industry. “We are different from other renewable platforms out there as we really want to provide complementary services. Anything we bring into the group has to have logic to it”.

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