Windlogix understands that critical to the acceleration of the world’s energy mix towards renewables, is ensuring a competent, confident and accredited workforce.

Windlogix group company Hexis offers fully-accredited, bespoke training courses for the Renewables sector from locations in Lowestoft, England and Ayrshire, Scotland.

They offer clients a comprehensive suite of Wind Turbine Maintenance and Statutory Inspection courses.

Windlogix Training Centre locations in Lowestoft and Ayrshire

HEXIS Training Courses

Hexis’ comprehensive, classroom and practical training course covers all aspects of wind turbine inspection and statutory maintenance. These Accredited courses will equip students with the theoretical and practical training necessary to develop the skills required to maintain and inspect wind turbine support systems.

Hexis offers a full-suite training solution which provides trainees with all of the required knowledge to engage in a career within the wind-power industry.

  • Core Competency
  • Service Lift
  • Crane
  • Fall Arrest
  • Fire Aid
  • and more…

For more information about the training solutions offered by Hexis, please visit

Course Information

Courses offered by Hexis include:

  • Service Lift Maintenance
  • Fall Arrest & PPE use
  • Fire Aid
  • Cranes
  • GWO Basic Safety Training
  • Safe use of Abrasive Tools
  • Safe use of Hydraulic Tools
  • Safe use of Chain Hoists
  • RUK/GWO First Aid
  • RUK/GWO Manual Handling


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