Onshore Capabilities

The Challenge

For the onshore wind sector, the carbon targets of 2030 and 2050 offer opportunity and challenge in equal measure. As advancements in materials and technology drive increases in the size and efficiency of turbines, the availability of suitable wind farm locations decreases and the logistic & technical challenges grow. In reducing the Levelised Cost Of Energy (LCOE) , realising greater yield from existing sites has become as important as the performance of green-field projects.

As one of the most experienced groups providing lifecycle services, and a trusted partner to onshore developers worldwide, the Windlogix Group is uniquely placed to help navigate these challenges and realise opportunities.

Onshore, we offer clients the assurance of a proven turnkey solution for the installation, through-life maintenance and decommissioning of a wind farm.

Explore an overview of these capabilities below, or go directly to the Stowen Group website for detailed information.

Personnel supply

The Windlogix group is able to supply suitably qualified and experienced personnel throughout the project lifecycle: construction, installation, commissioning, operation, HV & LV electrical, maintenance and project management.

With a 500-strong workforce located throughout the world, our Group is well positioned to support your project.

To discuss your personnel requirements, please contact Windhoist directly.

at stowengroup.co.uk


Regular, planned maintenance is an important aspect of maintaining high performing generating assets, whereas reactive maintenance is essential to minimizing downtime.

Windlogix group company Stowen has experience carrying out a wide range of maintenance tasks in line with manufacturer recommendations and schedules.

Stowen can reduce your maintenance costs by providing comprehensive maintenance and servicing packages.

Inspection & Integrity

Windlogix group company Stowen provides a wide range of Inspection & Integrity services. From one off inspections to complete wind farm asset management Stowen provide a variety of options for their clients to ensure they remain compliant with current legislation.

at stowengroup.com

Project Management

The importance of a trusted partner during major construction projects is vital to a successful completion.

Stowen’s successful completion of such experience in working not just for’ but beside our clients is what makes us the supplier of choice.

From development of IT systems automating processes to facility management there’s only one partner required.

at stowengroup.com